NorthWest Budokan

Martial Arts for the Real World

Adult Requirements

is a time for celebration. Family and friends are encouraged to come and share
in your progress. Pictures and video are always welcome.

Pay for Dues and Testing


White Belt to Blue Belt

Blue Belt to Blue Belt 1 Stripe

Blue Belt 1 Stripe to Blue Belt 2 Stripes

Blue Belt 2 Stripes to Green Belt

Green Belt to 5 Kyu

Green Belt 5 Kyu to 4 Kyu

Green Belt 4 Kyu to Brown Belt

Brown Belt to 2 Kyu

Brown 2Kyu to 1 Kyu

Brown 1 Kyu to Shodan

Budokan uses
Adobe Acrobat for all belt requirement sheets.
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed, click on the icon on the